About Us

EC Tech Solutions LLC

As you may have noticed, our name comes from each of our first initials. E for Ethan & C for Chester, or CJ as he's usually called. This business venture started after my (Ethan's) first plan to open a business didn't go as planned. I eventually gave up on my original partners and focused on my schooling, that is until one of our friends came to me with an idea for a website, which I just couldn't turn down. Our friend group is kinda centered around Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, & horrible jokes. So, as you can imagine, when I found out I got to make a website for that, I started immediately. The current site can be found here, though as of October 2019 it is under renovations and may not work. That website contains many pages of HTML/CSS, but is also laced with some CSS which is where CJ came in, see, I know HTML/CSS, but have a miniscule grasp of JavaScript, where as CJ is the exact opposite. Our skills complimented each other perfectly and we were able to successfully make a pretty nice website, which I believe is our first official job, and we can only rise from there. A little while after making that site CJ and I got to talking and decided we were good enough to keep doing this, and decided to make a business out of it, and here you are, so we must have done pretty good.

Ethan G. Hagan

A Computer Information Systems major at BPCC, I plan to graduate with not only my degree, but also 4 Career & Technical Certificates(CTCs) in the following: Computer Repair, Help Desk, Web Design, & Network Security. I am also striving for every certification I can along the way. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic, and have been for about 5 years now. I am also one of the most involved students on campus, currently holding the Vice-President position in BPCC Rotaract, Cyber Club, BPCC SkillsUSA, & Louisiana SkillsUSA. I am also a member of BPCC's Game creating club simply called GAME, and a representative on Student Government. I have made many websites for many different people for many reasons, from motorcycle garages to gaming groups, so I'm sure I can develop something for anybody.


Not shown above: American Heart Association First Aid/CPR & Crowd Management via The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Chester J. Kittle "CJ"

I'm the resident programmer between Ethan and I, with my major at BPCC being the programming concentration of Cyber Technology. I've touched quite a few programming languages during my time at BPCC and I am constantly striving to learn new techinques and technologies whenever I can.